Team Selection screen could use an overhaul

OzarkBoatswainOzarkBoatswain Posts: 649 Critical Contributor
edited 11 January 2020, 20:54 in MPQ Suggestions and Feedback
With over 200 characters, it's hard to find the ones you want on the Team Selection screen. Here are some ideas for improvements. I am using the Steam version but from what I recall the mobile version is very similar.

-sort options: boosted, star levels, teams, alphabetical
-"favorites" that always get listed first
-savable sets of characters
-character names displayed
-vertical list rather than horizontal (I believe vertical lists make it easier for the human eye to find desired items)
-some way to compact more character icons onto the screen at the same time


  • abmorazabmoraz Posts: 543 Critical Contributor
    Let's hope that this time (the 9,093,257th time) that we request this, they actually take it to heart and do it...
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