Team Selection screen could use an overhaul

OzarkBoatswain Posts: 692 Critical Contributor
With over 200 characters, it's hard to find the ones you want on the Team Selection screen. Here are some ideas for improvements. I am using the Steam version but from what I recall the mobile version is very similar.

-sort options: boosted, star levels, teams, alphabetical
-"favorites" that always get listed first
-savable sets of characters
-character names displayed
-vertical list rather than horizontal (I believe vertical lists make it easier for the human eye to find desired items)
-some way to compact more character icons onto the screen at the same time


  • abmoraz
    abmoraz Posts: 712 Critical Contributor
    Let's hope that this time (the 9,093,257th time) that we request this, they actually take it to heart and do it...
  • rshetts
    rshetts Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    If nothing else they really need to set up a favorite teams mechanic.  
  • Ponce83
    Ponce83 Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    With nearly 300 characters it is hard to sorry through all the characters. It would be best at least to have favorite spot selections and class sort feature.
  • CNash
    CNash Posts: 952 Critical Contributor
    edited March 2020
    After playing Pokémon Go and feeling practically spoiled by the sorting and name-search options available for your Pokémon collection, it's almost painful to come back to MPQ and have to scroll (and scroll, and scroll) through pages of characters.
    Star-level sorting is nice, but the 4-star tier is coming up on 100 characters (a massive problem in and of itself) and it's becoming difficult to find the character you want to use or level up. A name-search option would be a perfect solution.