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Dear D3-team, I lost some 5* character due to some "friends" a week ago (01/01/2020). I told the customer service immediately after recognising it at the 01/01/2020 3:58pm.
I lost a lvl 451 Prof X (classic), a lvl 390 Kitty with 5/5/2, a lvl 405 Okoye 5/4/1, Cable lvl 315 around 2/3/5 with 2 saved, a 345 Thor with 3/4/1, every other where at 300 if i remember correctly, Doctor Doom ~2/4/3, CapMArvel 4/4/3, Iceman 4/4/3, CapA Infinity 3/0/2, Strom 5/5/2, Rescue ~4/3/2, Wasp 3/0/2 and Old Logan 1/3/2.

They responded at the 01/02/2020 8am that they could confirm my lost of the character due to the selling of them at this day.

They provided me to investigate and contact me as soon as the team has their investigation complete and they'll proceed with a possible resolution for my case. It would also took longer than the usual 48-72 hours to respond. "Okay, I thought."

At the 01/07/2020 12:48am I ask for some further information, cause i had no response at this time, but I lost placement in Prodigal Sun cause my Professor X (Classic was gone) and I lost Cable, who was essential for the Hunt.

And today 01/08/2020 10:25am I got the response, that after reviewing my account, I have insufficient ISO-8 to remove to cover the gains from selling the characters at this exact moment (is this like a rebuy of the lost cover? every 5* Cover i can say is worth 2000 ISO-8) . So they be unable to assist any further an apologize for any inconvenience. 

I ask immediately, 30minutes later, how much ISO-8 would be needed, but no response what so ever.

Any Information in the first place would had be nice to this state. I also would had like know how much Iso I should have saved. 
I champed some characters in the meantime to make up for my lost progress in PVP and PVE.

For an Free to play game, where it took realy long times to collect 5* or years to champ them, this is not an a appropriate resolution. 
For an player whilling to support the game via money by buying bundles, this resolutiong is totally and utterly trash.

Sincerely a realy disappointed Razuhliu.


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    As an Update, I have more information on my task an how to fix it.

    I wanna point out, it is HOW some informations are send, what's dissappoints me in the first way additionaly to the feeling there is no resolution anymore.

    The information, that i had to make some progresse to gather some ISO-8 to make the excange, and not to cut the support away cause i haven't the right amount at this moment, could have been better communicated.

    Most Player know it's not that hard to sell your maxed champed 2* which are you constantly cycling through to gain some needed ISO-8.
    Also i see some problems in the time of waiting for a response. I get just one answer a day, even if i notice it immediately and ask something further in the exact same moment.

    I have the feeling they're flooded with Customer service tasks.
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    I believe the team has a queue system and they handle emails from MPQ and MtG players as well. It could explain why it took some time for them to reply you.

    I think they have certain criteria to meet in order to to recover accounts/characters for players, and in your case, iso-8 was the obstacle. I do agree that they could have let you known earlier how much iso-8 was needed to meet the criteria so that you could take immediate action.

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    Issue solved. Did a long time in responding between me an de CS. Almost 14 days. But that's fine for me at least.  :)
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