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Display issue with empty purchasable deck slots


There's something wonky about how the Planeswalker deck slots are displayed in the "Planeswalkers" tab. If you look at a Planeswalker with a purchased, but empty, deck slot (has a green "+" symbol) and then switch to a Planeswalker with an un-purchased deck slot in the same spot, the second Planeswalker will look like that deck slot has been purchased for them, when in fact it hasn't (and if you attempt to use it, it'll show the price for unlocking it, as in the video above).

You can work around it by viewing a planeswalker with an active deck in the deck slot in between the two other planeswalkers. And it doesn't seem to happen in reverse; switching from a Planeswalker with a locked deck slot to one with an empty deck slot correctly shows the deck slot as empty.

This caused me to miss a few deck slots during the deck slot sale that I would've purchased, but thought I already had purchased because of this display bug.

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