Various sources of lag combined with many gems converting results in app crash.

Maybe this is an iOS only issue, but without being able to clear the cache like on Android I have no idea. 

Whether it’s multiple supports and filled graveyards/exiles, or a board full of energized gems, etc, these things seem to cause serious lag once they get going as intended. All it takes is a large amount of gem conversion or animation effect to freeze the game and crash the app.

I used to play on my iPhone SE, and now I’m on a 2nd generation iPad pro. The increased device memory and processor speed do not seem to have made any difference. What gives with this, is it a server issue? I’m all for just re-downloading the app, but without an alternative to Facebook it doesn’t seem worth it to ask support and then wait for my account to transfer. Last clean install was post M20 release.

Anyone else having this problem? Just lost 2 matches in TGT due to this caca!
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