Vanguards counts as Legendary but do not have the Legendary icon.

I see that Vanguards have their own icon 'Vanguard' which states that the card is Legendary when it is tapped upon, but it's very confusing to me that they do not have the Legendary icon.


  • Oktagon_SupportOktagon_Support ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 815 Critical Contributor
    Hello @Pantagruel

    Thank you for your contact.
    Vanguard cards are all Legendary, even if they don't have the Legendary icon.
    We chose not to add the Legendary icon because it's already understood by the Vanguard icon.
  • PantagruelPantagruel Posts: 79 Match Maker
    Is there some development cost to putting the icon on the card?

    Otherwise this question will persist.
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