Team baby yoda/ Team baby jedi recruiting

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Team Baby yoda  *full*
Team Baby Jedi  *full*

Team baby jedi 

:- casual. 
:- pve requirements, first hp reward :- No pvp requirements. . 
:- full participation in boss events required. 

We prefer to use line as a form of communication. However its not essential if you  follow igc. 

Any rosters welcome.... If your keen to grow your roster, and enthusiastic we could be the team for you. 

Set to private 

Any questions please inbox me. 
For a quicker response my line I'd is Doristhelegend 
Thank you for reading 😊. 

Team Baby yoda are recruiting. 

Team baby yoda have one spot - currently set to public 

Max boss events in good time, generally one of the first 10 teams to do so....full participation is required from all players  

T50 nce placements. Minimum requirements and above are expected, if unable to make the requirements please let the cmds know. 

Standard events, minimum requirements. We mainly hit T100 but this placement isn't a goal of the team.

PvP no requirements. 

TBY is a friendly alliance with majority of our players being long term members. 

What we ask for are team players, and if you going to be away or miss an event/requirements please just let us know. 

If you think we could be a good fit for you, then please message me via line. My I. D is Doristhelegend. 
Or you can inbox via here and I will check in as much as I can... 

Thank you for reading 😊


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    And this newly formed alliance finished last boss event as one of the first 4 teams to complete the event. Nice work