Whether to champ initial 4*s on an alt account

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Partial roster, leaving off the low-covered 4*s, and most of the 3s and 2s. All but four 4*s are rostered.
1920 CP, no LTs, tons of iso

Despite this being an alt account, it gets semi-regular play because it's mobile, and my primary account is on Steam.

There's no interest in competitive play or long-term growth, other than what improves the fun for the experiences I do have with it. My main goals are:
- boss events (they're generally fun and challenging for lower rosters, and I like to help my alliance)
- scouting and experimentation (already good to go here, up to SCL9)
- DDQ Crash
- occasional re-living of earlier, or at least alternate MPQ life

The original intent was to buy some strategic covers with CP, but combinations of boss events with great rewards, some lucky PvE and PvP sniping, and other general good fortune, have left me with a roster already well in excess of expectations.

About 3 months ago, the results were incredible. A 5-yellow Grocket and 5-red Juggs (but otherwise under-covered) absolutely tore through everything. With no 13-cover 4*s, I had a low MMR, and almost laughed at how quickly and easily I could get to 2K Simulator, most fights over in a couple of turns.

Somewhere along the line, my MMR changed. I opened my hoard of LTs awhile back in the Storm/PX/Iceman era, so I added more 5*s, as well as getting some 4*s to 13 covers. (I suspect the latter is what killed my favorable MMR).

Where I never saw champed 4*s in PvP before, now they're everywhere. Sometimes, all three slots. Boss side nodes are similarly a lot higher. Sad, because I didn't really gain that much myself with the extra covers to counteract the large jump in opponent levels, but I know there's no going back.

I really hadn't ever intended to champ 4*s on this account, thinking that this would keep the MMR low. Since it didn't turn out that way, I'm not really sure where to go from here.

Part of the attraction has been that it's a different experience from my main account, so I'm not in a big hurry to ramp it up. (Hence, having not spent the CP). It's a weird feeling, since it's contrary to the normal goals of MPQ. Even more worrisome, is that since it's never going to get full-time play, it can't keep up with other rosters that do. But since I've apparently already entered a champed-4* MMR, despite having no champs of my own, there's probably not too much extra damage if I champ a few.

Thoughts welcome, especially from users that have had similar struggles with alt account expectations and motivations.


  • TPF Alexis
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    At this point, you're in 4* MMR pretty much whatever you do, short of selling off the 5* and Chavez. The nice thing, tho, is that unlike 3* MMR,  it's possible to stay in 4* more or less indefinitely, since even max champed 4* aren't anywhere near 5* champ starting levels. If you don't want to sell those characters, you might as well go ahead and champ some more 4* to give yourself more options to play with at that level.
  • DAZ0273
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    I suggest that the number of 5* at 255 are the problem looking at that.

    Because they are at base level 255 it does two things when matchmaking - it tells the AI that you possibly have a nearly Max champed 3* roster (which is partially true) or it tells the AI that you nearly have a champed 4* roster when the truth is inbetween. So it will search for rosters that it *thinks* matches up to yours and the results are skewed because generally people with 4* at or around the 255 mark don't exist - they are at 270 or better and likewise people with 3* that are nearly Max Champed tend to have champed 4* also - so you all get sucked into the same parameters from the AI's point of view.

    So the answer is I would say to fight fire with fire by champing 4's where you can so at least your MMR actually represents something more like your actual roster strength.
  • froggerjohn
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    Thank you for taking a look, and the comments. The number of 5* could indeed be the culprit, since that changed around the same time line. I used to have one or two, but once HP was no longer limited (thanks to lots of hoarded tacos), I started saving them.

    I could consider selling some, since they're of very limited usefulness. But I have to keep the Kitty, and the 5torm is actually really nice in a number of ways. (Super useful with QS and C&D against Kaecillius). BB pairs really well with Storm, even though I'm not sure when/if I'd use them that way, and I'm already at three.

    Then there's the uncertainty about whether that would actually make the difference. Pretty sure the max-champed 3Carol is a new addition as well, which I pushed for all year to get my 5/5/1 C4rol to 5/5/2. That could very well be another candidate for selling, since it doesn't seem like that would be a big loss on an alt account.

    Something I have to admit, is that the previous state was in many ways anomalous. I had most of the best 4* characters, all of which with max covers in their best powers, even though none were champable. It was like a perfect storm, having 95% of the power of a champed 4* roster, while facing opponents that were half of that. I was severely OP, but that was pretty cool in a way, and a very different experience from that of my main account, which made it interesting to play. I do mourn the loss, but it's probably a fragile state that would take a pretty severe commitment to throwing covers away to maintain it.

    I notice that Grocket is going to get the final cover for my 2/5/5 at the end of "12 Days", and the six saved covers would be a nice perk. plus the champ rewards and more LTs.

    Sure wish there was a way to "preview MMR" for such changes, which would make such decisions safer and easier to make.
  • DAZ0273
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    Well all of this is if course speculation based upon my and others years of playing. One day the Devs might come along and blow our minds telling us that MMR is based upon 3* Captain Marvel! Sell her now before it is too late!!!!! 😀