Festival of Fights as one-a-day PvE clashes

purplemurpurplemur Posts: 371 Mover and Shaker
I really liked the 1v1 Festival of Fights PvP.

I think they should strip the title from the event and reskin it so it can be used more often.
Take “Festival of Fights” and make it a one-node-a-day PvE where each day is a Clash of the Titans to represent a flame on the menorah. Uncle Benjy, Magneto and happy family, surfer could represent the cosmic struggle for light. Loaners for each of the days so everyone can participate.

There is also possibility to recycle the pun for Diwali. Which is shorter and would make more sense as a PvP.

This format could also be applied to PRIDE week: different color board requirement (like:evergreen)for each day. KD, Daken, Wiccan, mystique,America, etc

I enjoyed the holiday content and applaud the continued mix-up to pvp formats. Keep up the good work.
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