Festival of Fights: Team-up tally is missing

JSP869JSP869 Posts: 733 Critical Contributor
In Festival of Fights the total amount of Team-Up AP you or your opponent have collected is not visible. I realize you cannot use Team Up powers in this event, however, Okoye's Spear damage is boosted by the amount of Team-Up AP you have, so not being able to see how much Team-Up AP you have severely affects her one offensive power. Please fix this if you plan to run this event again.


  • MoosePrimeMoosePrime Posts: 297 Mover and Shaker
    Team-Up AP is also relevant to several other powers:  Iceman (5*) yellow, Black Panther (5* and 3*) yellow, Coulson purple.

    (These characters could get Team-Up AP if they are fighting against either Okoye or 2* Captain Marvel.)
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