New Feature: Quest System (12/23/2019)

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Hey everyone, we would like to announce the next new feature that we are planning to introduce to MTGPQ in 2020! A brand-new Daily Quests system!

This blog post will give you an overview of the new Daily Quests system with more details to come while we move towards the Theros: Beyond Death (THB) release. 

Daily Quests

Every day, each player will receive a new Quest from a randomized pool of Quests. They will be able to play up to 3 Quests simultaneously and will be able to reroll Quests they don't want (with some restrictions). Completing a Quest will give players a Check in their active Quest Journal and Player XP.

Quest Journals

At any given moment, a player has an active Quest Journal. This is essentially a punch-card that is filled by completing Quests. Once a Quest Journal is completed, the player will receive rewards. Subscribers and VIPs will receive extra rewards from unique Quest Journals.

Into Theros and Beyond

This is a quick overview of what the system will look like and we hope you like it! We are currently defining UI/UX for these systems and studying the possibility of creating Coalition Quests as well. Is this something you'd like to see?

Find the Poll about Coalition Quests here.

We hope you are as excited about this feature as we are!

Happy Holiversary and expect more news about Daily Quests coming soon!

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