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Hixus not removing disable [Fixed in 4.0]

7thGuest7thGuest Posts: 14 Just Dropped In
edited 16 January 2020, 14:19 in MtGPQ Bugs & Technical Issues
Had 2 instances of during Awakened Inferno that my opponent used Hixus and after the support was gone my creatures continued to be disabled. Ended up having to replace/kill them so I could get enabled creatures on the board (which didn't disable on attack so the support was gone and I don't think I was just missing it). 

Anyone else notice this? or was I just unlucky with the game going sideways for me?


  • RaistlinRaistlin Posts: 54 Match Maker
    I believe if the support is exiled, instead of destroyed, creatures that it’s disabled will stay disabled.
  • 7thGuest7thGuest Posts: 14 Just Dropped In
    That makes a bit of sense but I wasn't running  any support destroy/exile in the matches. 
  • thesmallesthumanthesmallesthuman Posts: 93 Match Maker
    Did you by any chance return it to hand or library with something like Petty Theft?

    If you matched it away or used a destroy effect, that sure sounds like a bug. But it specifically needs to be destroyed to activate its enable effect - there’s a lot of ways hixus can get sneaky and stay active even while gone, which is why we ask :)
  • 7thGuest7thGuest Posts: 14 Just Dropped In
    No return or such. Only defensive card in that deck is Deathsprout which doesn't touch supports. 

    Had someone cast Hixus today in training grounds but beat them on the next attack so couldn't retest. There were Greg cascades and it was gone but creatures were still disabled. 

    Will throw a deck together with Hixus and try it out later to see.

  • Oktagon_SupportOktagon_Support ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 410 Mover and Shaker
    This issue seems to be resolved in 4.0 version.
    Thank you for the feedback!
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