Reworking Colossus' Fastball Special

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I agree Colossus isn't, by far, the worst of the 3*s, he can actually be pretty good when boosted. His Red ability is definitely viable. But his Yellow has very few uses and his Black has no use. At all. It costs as much as Cyclops Full Blast, deals far less damage to the targer, damages one of your allies who was taken out of the fight for at least one turn and then does... something. This unpredictability, I think, is what really breaks this power.

I would propose one of two solutions:

1) Reduce cost to 6BlackTile  
      With a less expensive ability, it's randomness doesn't hurt as much.

2) Complete rework:

POWER COST  13BlackTile 
Colossus pitches a teammate into the sky and toward the fray! Sends a chosen teammate Airborne (inactive, but immune to damage & stun) for 3 turns. Upon landing, they take no damage, then activate one Rank 1 power at no cost, if they have one. Otherwise, the enemy target takes 274 damage.

Level Upgrades:
Level 2: The teammate activates a Rank 2 power if they have one, or deals 540 to the enemy upon landing.
Level 3: The teammate activates a Rank 3 power if they have one, or deals 655 to the enemy upon landing.
Level 4: Airborne duration down to 2 turns. The teammate activates a Rank 4 power if they have one, or deals 888 to the enemy upon landing.
Level 5: Airborne duration down to 1 turn. The teammate activates a Rank 5 power if they have one, or deals 1352 to the enemy upon landing.

With this second version, Colossus teamate would always cast a power of the same level as Fastball Special itself. A Savy player would know how to spec both Colossus and his teamates in a way that it is at least advantageous. I could, for example, pair a 3/5/5 Colossus with a 3/5/5 Patch to have Patch use Best There is for 13 black instead of 14 red. Or partner Colossus with IM40 to use Balistic Salvo for 13 Black instead of 16 Blue. In this Scenario, partnering Colossus with GSBW would be extremely advantageous, potentially casting Sniper Rifle for only 13 Black instead of 19 Green. I think that would be the biggest abuse.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw the idea out there.


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    I never had issue with any of his abilities tbh. Especially his yellow ability. Not sure where that's coming from.