Your Worthy Challengers Pull Results



  • GrimSkald
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    OJSP said:
    GrimSkald said:
    a total of 63 pulls.  Here's what I got for 5*

    6 Thor (Bringing him up to 465)
    4 Hela (she's now also 465, partly because of Magik)
    6 Beta Ray Bill (2 Green, 4 Blue)
    Nice. 25%.

    Yeah, I apparently mis-counted my pulls - it was actually 79.  I'm not sure how that happened.  Still, that's around a %20 pull rate (up around 4 extra 5*s,) so I definitely have no complaints, particularly with the distribution being Thor-heavy.
  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    I just had the one token, and got a Kraven champ level
  • Daredevil217
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    33 Pulls

    1/1/1 Bill
    2 Hela Champ levels
    4 more saved Thor covers

    Insane rate but softcapping Thor it feels more like 5/33 (still above the odds... wow)

    4* of note were a Grocket, Jubilee (who I’m sharding for Phoenix covers), a red Wolfsbane (Sim progression gets her to 10), a Drax (now one away from 320 and a 5* Star-Lord), and Sabretooth. Not bad!
  • TPF Alexis
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    Didn't end up getting Bill, but I did get a couple for each of the others. Hela is pretty usable now, ran her all through Reunions with Gamora and Medusa to good effect.
  • heybub
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    Spending ~5300 CP I received 39 5*s while only expecting 29, so not bad there:
    10 BRB -> 1/2/5
    14 Thor -> 5/5/3
    15 Hela -> 5/5/2 

    And now I have all 4*s except Talos.

    Some bad luck on the Hela in that I had 3 extra covers for Green/black, but only got 2 reds.  

    I also had Thor as my bonus hero, and netted enough shards for an extra cover.

    My 4*' champ rewards netted me
    1. 2 LT
    2. 750 HP
    3. 40k Iso
    4. 3135 4* shards
    5. 3 4* camps
    6. 3 new 5*s - Cable, CM, Rescue
    7. 3 new 4*s