Workaround for freezes

As the game continues bugs have been fixed and new ones created. It seems soft locks are common during our times playing magic puzzle quest. We need solutions to prevent soft locks in order to keep people playing. I know many people have left playing due to the constant locking issue forcing us to forfeit a match that we may have nearly won. 

One solution for this is a button on the game pause menu that would let your active turn end bypassing any attacks or further spells from being cast. This would ensure that on our own turn if a soft lock happens we could pass our turn and not have to quit. 

Another solution for soft locks during "Greg's" turn would be a timer. If it is his turn and he hasn't made a match or cast a spell etc for X minutes where that is 5, 10, 20 what say you.. then it would end his turn.

I truely believe we need workarounds for when this occurs to help curb the issue. We still need to identify and solve the problems with certain cards causing locks, but we also need a work around to keep people interested in the game and help prevent the discouraging feeling of having to quit due to your opponent casting a certain spell which is known to cause locks. Plus this is discouraging for those that don't pay attention to the forums or other avenues to know what cards are currently causing locks. 


  • Julie71
    Julie71 MTGPQ Mod Posts: 707 Critical Contributor
    I like that idea
  • Zzyzzx
    Zzyzzx Posts: 248 Tile Toppler
    This needed to happen a year and a half ago.
    Now more than ever thanks to the soft-locks caused by animation effects that affect flip cards in your hand.

  • Fortuitous
    Fortuitous Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    Asked for something similar. Honestly, a flag that monitors whether a game was officially completed wouldn't hurt either. I just hate that we are penalized. At a bare minimum, let us replay the match, just send the battle log so the devs can track whether the button is being abused.