Linguistic discussion of "y'all"



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    MegaBee said:
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    shardwick said:
    @DAZ0273 The main use of y'all is just an easier way of saying "you all." I'm from Texas so saying y'all is about as normal as a Brit saying something like bloody hell. Oddly enough because of the internet I say stuff like "you guys" a lot more and I've gotten Canadian friends to say y'all.
    bluewolf said:
    Y'all sure diverted this thread from the original topic.
    Y'all stop spendin' now, ya hear?

    Righto, jolly good stuff, carry on you fellows!
    I could hear the accent when I read that. Yinz sound like Monty Python!
    You and your "Yinz."  Feel like Pittsburgh Dad is narrating your posts!