Tip for speeding up your PVE play

PinkoMcFlyToo Posts: 49 Just Dropped In
Time is of the essence when doing PVE, clear quick and go on to the next one. The last thing you need is a random iron man  window popping up after you collect your node reward that's just giving you a measly 250 iso 'bonus' award.

I know you readers are probably now thinking, he's right, but how do I get rid of that pop-up that is constantly affecting my pve performance?

My friends, it is very simple, if you click on the purchase resources button, right under the title there is a little indicator showing you how long these bonus awards will last. When that timer gets down to 0 days, simply don't buy anything.
Amazing isn't it, doing nothing will actually speed up your PVE performance!!!
I know this may sound crazy, but go ahead, give it a try once that pesky bonus window time penalty expires.