Bug Problems with The New and Recent “Shard Upgrade”

Lately, there have been NUMEROUS problems since they upgraded this game to the present “shard upgrade” and need to be addressed as soon as possible.  Not looking to cause trouble here, but if people are having the same problems as I’m having, it’s good to bring them out.  I did a search to find if anyone else had these issues, but couldn’t find a thread relating to it or my search wasn’t worded correctly.  Either way...

For starters, when I upgraded Black Panther to championship level, I was suppose to have gotten a latest legends cover.  Thought I was imagining things when it wasn’t there, but I wasn’t as I haven’t clicked on latest legends in a while.  I remembered this when I went into Black Panther again to upgrade a level and saw latest legend checked off.  Thing is, if I said something to support, how do I prove it?  There’s no purchase receipt like when you’re buying hero or ISO points?  Later on when playing Starfall, I won the Prowler cover and when I clicked to accept it, it went into my roster instantly. The funny thing is, I only had 180 hero points and to recruit, for me, is 1,000 hero points.  As far as I’m concerned, the scales are balanced, but it’s something necessary for the developers to know about this problem.  When a game “cheats” us out of a cover, how do we prove it?  Can they see a history of our game-playing on their side?  Answers from them on this would be most helpful.

Second, right after upgrading Black Panther, I needed to buy hero points.  I spent $50 and didn’t receive anything.  It’s in the process of being resolved, BUT I was able to prove it as they required to see the purchase receipt.  Aside from proving it, though, when you need your purchase instantly and it doesn’t appear, it’s quite frustrating and certainly is a way to push me away from spending anymore money.

Third, and hopefully finally, My VIP notification said to renew before it expired to continue my VIP status uninterrupted and receive a bonus, which would be one command point.  I tried doing it to see if it would go through this time and it did.  In my alliance chat, it said, “Your alliance got +1 command point for renewing a VIP streak”.  I was thrilled.  Everything went through it seemed.  Apparently not since, when I woke up this morning to play a game, I got a window appearing before me telling me that my chance to renew expired.  My VIP status above says to renew, WHICH I DID.  I received no daily bonus AND my heroes aren’t regenerating 25% faster.  I just sent them a letter through “contact us” asking for a “ticket reference number” to email a snapshot to them as I can’t upload it through the game because, for whatever reason, it won’t allow me to do it through my iPad.

I’m sure this is a bug problem within the app and not devs trying to screw around with us, but I find it just a bit disconcerting when I spend good money, a little too frequently at times, and then have to deal with problems that lead to losing serious rank points and not getting what I want out of the game such as what happened to me in Starfall.  I wound up not getting the three Iron Man model 40 covers I needed to upgrade him to champion level all because my purchase didn’t go through on the app, but did in the app store.  Like I said above, with frustrating problems like these happening, it’s certainly a way to push me away from this game and not spend more money.

Hopefully, a new upgrade will come out quickly to fix these errors, so I can enjoy this game as I did before the “shard upgrade”.  The hard work by the staff on this game is much appreciated and you have my thanks and Gratitude for resolving these issues.


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