Make Coalition Events Run for Full Week.

Suggesting to run Coalition Event from Sunday morning to Saturday night. Recharge time every 24 hrs. 6 charges total (one charge per day Sun to Fri, end of event Saturday night so we have 24 hrs to finish all nodes if we were not able to play some matches during the week). This will potentially increase engagement from players too and we get more real life time on weekends... staggered play during a full week instead of compressing the events (very tedious like Elderspark and Great Tournament) into just 3 days (weekends usually family day, time to finish projects, or some very important business meetings).


  • Theophilus
    Theophilus Posts: 124 Tile Toppler
    I think it is too different from the current design to get any serious consideration, but I like this thought. It's an out of the box solution to a lot player's concerns.