Question about scaling and maximum character level

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Hi there :) I'm a little unsure how scaling works, and was hoping for some clarification.

I'm a fairly new player, been going for a couple of months now. Got all my 2* characters champed, and rostered most of my 3*. I've kept my 3* characters at a maximum level of 130, and now have 7 characters at 127-130.

One of them (IM40) is ready to be champed. It would certainly be a nice boost to my team, but what effect would that have on my PvP matches? I've read that scaling has changed from how it used to be, but I'm still not sure how it works. Would having that one character so much higher give me tougher matches? Should I wait until I have multiple 3* characters ready to champ, and do them all at once? Or will champing him not have any effect?

Any advice much appreciated!


  • Waddles_PinesWaddles_Pines Posts: 844 Critical Contributor
    Good work getting your 2* champed, and starting the move to 3*.  One character at 166 won't kill your pvp scaling much.  Usually if there's an outlier, that's taken into account.  Your scaling is approx the average of your top 3 characters.  Note that this includes boosted characters for the week.  The problem with having one character champed in pvp is that that character will be a tank and take most of the damage.  That means higher healthpack usage.  

    I personally would wait.  IM40 is great, but his main use is as a battery.  Wait until you have some running mates for him to feed.  Once you champ a few 3's, your 2* will be obsolete.  So, enjoy the ride, cause once you move up, you can't go back down without selling off your roster... 
  • iuchibaniuchiban Posts: 6 Just Dropped In
    Thank you, that makes sense! I hadn't thought about them being the tank, and he's definitely not the right character for that. I have Thanos and Grocket nearly champed, both of whom should make decent tanks, and also Scarlet Witch and Doom are close as well. I'll focus on getting them ready to champ (along with Dr Strange, who I have at 5 yellow), and then look to champ them all at the same time once they are ready.
    Thanks for the advice!
  • Rod5Rod5 Posts: 486 Mover and Shaker
    Kamala Khan, Dr Strange, Cyclops all useful too with IM40, and prob others I can’t remember. 
  • Waddles_PinesWaddles_Pines Posts: 844 Critical Contributor
    Also Grocket makes a good tank.  Thanos not so much as he'll pretty much kill your 2* team.  He's great for clearing easy nodes in PVE, but in PVP, at your roster stage he might hurt you more than help you.  @Rod5 is spot on with Kamala and Strange.  I like Cyclops too, but some people don't.  He's kinda like Thor without the AOE.  They both self accelerate, so that's a plus.  Cyclops and Fist aren't a bad combo either.  
  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 4,237 Chairperson of the Boards
    Hawkguy too! Massively underrated. You will have arrows coming outta every which way off of a single recharge with his blue!
  • Waddles_PinesWaddles_Pines Posts: 844 Critical Contributor
    Yeah Hawkguy is awesome.  Too bad he came after I left the tier, it makes it harder to play him when you rarely use him.  But, one thing is certain, Elektra and Gambit are horrible (maybe Angel too).  Now 4* Elektra, she's underrated....
  • iuchibaniuchiban Posts: 6 Just Dropped In
    Thank you all for the excellent advice!
    I've been using Thanos with Grocket to quickly clear early PvP nodes (before real teams start showing up), and they are excellent for that. Grocket seems like a great choice for tank; that self-heal is massive!
    My Kamala is close to champed, and her heal is awesome. I found that a team of her and 2* Daken and Wolverine can grind out fights that I otherwise have no business winning.
    Strangely, I haven't opened a single Cyclops or Hawkguy cover! I'll definitely keep an eye out for them though.
    Strange is my current MVP for PVE; he just makes everything so much quicker and easier. I'm sending all my shards to him, trying to get him up to champ status as well.
  • TPF AlexisTPF Alexis Posts: 3,728 Chairperson of the Boards
    R&G are my fave 3* tank. I've had them take over twice their health in damage during a single fight, and still standing afterward. Their green is a lot of fun, too.
    Strange is absolutely the #1 for PvE. There's some variation, but I rate him as the single most important 3* character, and I don't think I've seen any 3* ranking that didn't have him in the top 3.
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