How do we know what color the 5* HfH offer will be?

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I know they are offered in order. So right now we have Kitty red, so next will be back to yellow, and then purple. 

Are all classic 5* going to get their third cover offered until we reach the beginning of the rotation? If so, who is the beginning person/when does it change to the first color?

Or, is everyone getting a different color offered based on the one that was offered last time, where the next classic 5 may be on color 2 while the one after gives out color 1?

Any info is greatly appreciated!


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    According to this thread, Green Goblin was the first 5* offered in HFH:
    Not sure if that is, in fact, indicative of The Rotation, but it seems like as good a place as any to start. The list there doesn't indicate what color was available in HFH, since that wasn't "the point" of what it was tracking, but if you assume it was top color to bottom color, I guess you could extrapolate.
  • Daredevil217Daredevil217 Posts: 2,814 Chairperson of the Boards
    The last two classic HFH offerings were Iron Man and Ghost Rider. We’re they also offering their third covers? I can’t remember. 
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    I have a feeling based on how they get inserted into the rotation, they won’t all be consistently offering the same color as the others. I suspect they need to be tracked independently. I wasn’t paying attention to the HFH colors on the last 2 though.
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    As alluded to by others:

    The Classic people (who STARTED as Classics as of 10/26/17 - aka anyone before Spidey) are headed into their 4th time in HfH.  I think Goblin was the first Classic in HFH.  4th time = top color.  (Note that Surfer and Bolt are a bit weird as they were Classics but ran as 5Es before the 5* HFH store started.

    For people who entered Classics after HFH started (Spidey onwards) you need to look at how many runs they had as a 5E while in Latests (usually 5-6), then look at how many times they were in Classics and figure it out by counting up all their runs and figuring out which color is up next.

    Ex:  Gambit started as a Latest just after the HFH.  Had 4 runs as a Latest 5E, then 2 as a Classic 5E.  So the next time he comes up in HFH it will be back to Purple for him again.

    IMO the main thing to do is try to keep an eye on where in the cycle they are, and/or keep 250 on hand at all times and if you have any interest in the cover (and don't want to pull 167 Legendaries to earn the shards) buy the cover since the cycle is so long now.
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    In my experience, the offered cover is always the one I have 5 in.  /s
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    I started a separate thread on this one....

    Just please make the HFH shards instead.  Let us pick the color we need for 3600 HP or 250/500 CP.
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    OJSP said:
    Presumably, if they change the HfH offers from covers to shards as a substitute of colourless covers, they would change the prices.
    Boooo! Where's my Dislike button? I mean, you're likely right given the game's history, but boooo.
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    It costs 4320 HP for 4* cover in the shard store and that's for a colourless cover.

    Colourless cover + other goodies in HfH store for 4* will cost  > 4320 HP.

    Likewise, it costs 720 CP for a "semi-
    colourless" cover or only for opened power. Logically, I would increase the cost by 33% / 66% = 333 CP / 415 CP, instead of 250 CP in HfH store.
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