PLEASE stop gating the 5 star missions with brand new characters

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There are about 36 not-new 5-star characters that you forget exist to make people unable to go to the 5 Star mission to get a token and 3 points. For some strange reason, the devs seem to think that Iceman, the BRAND NEW CARNAGE, Professor X, and Storm exist, as they continue to put up a gate for other players to not be able to complete it.
Stop it.
Devs, go to your phone, then go to Roster, then tap the little tab that says "All" to the thing that looks like 5 stars. Now count how many they are. Now go back to your list of previous events and see how often the aforementioned have been in them.
It's a lot, isn't it? Wow! So stop doing it. Use the other not new 36 5-star characters. It's not fun. Whales can't buy them. It's stupid. Stop it.
Hey, dev.... the one about to push the button to have 5 star Carnage be necessary! I'm slapping your hand away. Stop. Bad developer. 


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    Ever think they do it so new people can have a easier chance to roster to play?  
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    Besides, you have 1 in 3 odds of any 5* you pull to get a specific character you need from latest legends, and 1 in 36 odds of getting the right classic 5* if you dont have it from classics. If anything, you should be thanking the devs for making it easier to get the newest 5* characters.

    Just think of how dilution is in the 4* realm, and how difficult it is to get 10 covers for shield training, and imagine how bad it would be if the 5* pool had the same problem
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    Play SCL 6 and lower
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    Usually do a two or three new characters in a row, followed by Classics. It pushes people to roster everyone, not just the older characters. If you don't have Carnage, he's been in two vaults and now Latests. The new Storm was featured this week because she was being sunset into Classics. If you don't have the characters, play down in lower levels because you're now not playing for placement in SCL7-9...
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    I do not want to stifle TC or suggest that it is wrong for new players to express their opinion.

    That said, this game is more than 6 years old, and this topic has been a frequently discussed pain point for new players since at least 2014. 

    Never say never, but I would not hold my breath for demi to change their release rate or the essential character requirements system (or at least the only change I think is in anyway foreseeable in an increase in the 5* release rate and corresponding decrease in the 4* release rate).
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    I wouldn't count not having the latest 5* as a major issue with the game to be fair, not compared to all the other ones! I actually joined SCL8 today without even realising that for the first time in a very long time I didn't have the 5E! It was a boneheaded mistake as I chose not to chase Carnage but I just assumed I would have the 5E coz I always do! Anyway, no big deal but just the same I am going to continue not to chase Carnage and it is all good.