Trick or Treat event bugged post 3.9

MachineMachine Posts: 559 Critical Contributor
I noticed two issues with this event after the 3.9 update. The first is that sometimes when a trick or treat gem is matched, the effect does not apply. Instead, the trick or treat "card" is moved to your hand. Secondly, cards only gain 2 XP if you played the second match and up on each of the nodes.
For me personally that is the biggest disadvantage and reason enough to stop playing this event.


  • HoradrimHoradrim Posts: 103 Tile Toppler
    Not to mention softlocks in the bottom right node.
  • MachineMachine Posts: 559 Critical Contributor
    edited November 2019
    Yup, confirmed. Played bottom right node. Game locked when he triggered the ability of his Chalice. More reason to skip this event. Please fix @Tombstone.
  • ArielSiraArielSira Posts: 339 Mover and Shaker
    The bottom right node froze up 4 times for me this time; all were caused by Volcanic Rambler being summoned when I had a disabled stack of Volcanic Ramblers in play.

    Glad it's not during a more serious event but I wish there were fewer special effects as they just delay, lock up or make games messy.
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