Garruk, Cursed Hunstman: Official Thread

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manablackpngmanagreenpng Garruk, Cursed Hunstman manablackpngmanagreenpng

(At Level 60)
-1 manawhitepng | -1 manabluepng | +4 manablackpng | +2 manaredpng | +4 managreenpng 
118 HP
Creatures: 6 | Supports: 6 | Spells: 7

"Driven mad, the Chain Veil's influence compelled him to hunt and kill other Planeswalkers. For many years, Garruk was feared throughout the Multiverse as a merciless killer, until the curse was finally broken by the Planeswalker twins Rowan and Will Kenrith."


Hunting Pack - Cost 9
Level 1 - Create a Vicious Wolf token.
Level 2 - Create 2 Vicious Wolf tokens.
Level 3 - Create 2 Vicious Wolf tokens. Then, an opposing Vanguard support loses 2 shield.
Level 4 - Create 2 Vicious Wolf tokens. Then, an opposing Vanguard support loses 3 shield.

Stalk The Prey - Cost 12
Level 1 - Destroy target creature.
Level 2 - Destroy target creature. Then, gain life equal to its toughness.
Level 3 - Destroy target creature. Then, gain life equal to its toughness and draw a card.
Level 4 - Destroy target creature. Then, gain life equal to its toughness and draw 2 cards.

Cursed Predation - Cost 18
Level 1 - Create a Minor Cursed Predation token. Create 3 Vicious Wolf tokens.
Level 2 - Create a Cursed Predation token. Create 4 Vicious Wolf tokens.
Level 3 - Create a Improved Cursed Predation token. Create 4 Vicious Wolf tokens.
Level 4 - Create a Improved Cursed Predation token. Create 5 Vicious Wolf tokens.


Vicious Wolf
[Black, Green] Creature - Wolf (2/2) Token, Berserker
Whenever a creature you control dies or loses a reinforcement, you gain 1 Loyalty and your black or green Vanguards gain 1 shield.

Cursed Predation
Minor Token - [Black, Green] Support Card (4): While you control the creature with the greatest power, your creatures gain Berserker. At the end of your turn, your non-Human creatures get +2/+2.

Token: - ...your creatures gain Berserker and Trample. ...your non-Human creatures get +3/+3.

Improved - ...your creatures gain Berserker, Trample and Deathtouch. ...your non-Human creatures get +4/+4.