I’ve noticed that shards I have selected are not being credited to the actual covers. Example: I pulled shards for the Ghost cover yesterday but when I pulled up the actual cover it still showed 0 shards.  I also noticed that on other covers too.


  • ThalfenThalfen Posts: 64 Match Maker
    I just noticed a similar behavior. Last night my Captain America 4* had 385 shards and all i needed was one more legends pull to get the next cover. I did another cover pull that granted 3 shards and closed out at 388. This morning I did Deadpool daily which put me over 20 command points so pulled a classic legend and that gave me the 15 shards required but now Captain only had 348 shards! Now I have 363 shards and I am wondering where the other 40 shards went? 
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