Shards have added too much tapping

I like the new shard system, but as the title suggests it has added one more tap per cover than there was before when claiming epic, heroic and legends tokens. This means I now have to tap 4 times per token in order to claim a single cover from any of those tokens. Not only that, but the claim buttons for getting the cover and getting the shards aren't aligned on the screen so I have to tap two different places as I am trying to fast claim the 10 or so elite tokens I get in a day.

You need to implement a claim all button for all tokens much in the same way you have for the lowest tier token, or you need to find a way to reduce tapping to 2 per token like showing the shard gains at the same time as the cover reveal. Also a buy 10 button for legends would be nice. To be honest, I feel the entire shop system in MPQ needs to be updated and fixed, but this needs to be fixed soon because the one of the things I love most about this game is claiming covers and these new shard screens make even that extremely tedious.