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Tips for earning perfect scores in all The dragon War nodes - Pre Eldraine

NalthazarNalthazar Posts: 105 Tile Toppler
I made these videos for the last running of this event. It was the first Achieving Perfection videos I made and they were before I got some good feedback from other players/viewers, so the decks are more mythic/masterpiece heavy and there aren't decks for new players. I will be updating these when the event rolls around with new Eldraine cards available. Go ahead and give the decks a look and try them out. I went perfect with these decks last time and have gone perfect in this event every time I have done it except once with either these decks or decks similar to them. 

Bolas (R/B/U) Node:

Chromium (W/B/U) Node:

Arcades (W/U/G) Node:

Palladia-Mors (R/W/G) Node:

Vaevictis (R/B/G) Node:
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