Looking to join an alliance

Mjolnirmight2Mjolnirmight2 Posts: 35 Just Dropped In
PVE: finish till progression +
PVP: will grab the 4* cover, sometimes by progression, sometimes by 40 wins
RANK: 161
Roster: all 4* s champed except for a few of the most recent. about 10 5* champed.


  • fitfestusfitfestus Posts: 11 Just Dropped In
    edited November 2019
    ALLIANCE --> 40Below

    We are heavy on PVE.
    Top 100 in every PVE is our alliance goal. 
    Eventually our goal is top 50.
    Standard PVE = 100% progression.
    New release PVE = 130% progression 

    Most of our members have ALL (but the newest) 4* champed

    We don't care about pvp, it is play at your leisure. 
    We finish alliance by Sat noon. 
    Sinister Six we usually finish in about 24 hours. 
    Shoot me a msg if you have questions 

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