"Event is over" notifications should not interrupt deck building or gameplay

Whenever a Training Grounds event is over, it interrupts whatever I'm doing and tells me it's over
So, twice today, I've been trying to build a deck and a TG event ends, so I lose all my deck building progress. The game should just put a message in your Activity Hub that I can view whenever I feel like it -- it shouldn't ever interrupt what you're doing so you lose what you're doing.


  • naabaldan
    naabaldan Posts: 458 Mover and Shaker
    It's not only Training Grounds and not only the end of an event. It happens also while your nodes are to be refreshed.
    Think about just doing some strategic planning with your new cards and while you are almost finished building your new deck, the game resets and you find yourself loosing all the work and have to start all over again.
    I hate those moments. Realy.
    So my advice until this is fixed: never start building a deck while the clock is about to reach a full hour.