Local Co-Op request

ncv Posts: 7 Just Dropped In
Until now we (me an my wife) played all Puzzle Quest games together - she will have her mouse, I'll have mine - she will usually take care of the board and I'll strategise and select the spells at the appropriate time. From time to time one of us will see something when the other is blinded by other matters and it was always easy to just underline with the cursor on the big screen that hey - "look here" - "let me do it!!!" 

We had tremendous fun with all your games but the original Puzzle Quest still rules them all in our opinion.

We are double-dipping now (thank you!) but on the Switch we are not able to co-op the way we like. Only one is in control, the other from time to time has to go to the screen to point out something. 

Can you please let a second controller connect and make it do exactly the same thing as the main one? 

Thank you!