Bug - Nullify + Buttress Wall

ncv Posts: 7 Just Dropped In
If I use Nullify and I destroy the Buttress Wall of a city the city does not lose 100 points of it's life points.

I understand if this was a conscious decision for balancing purposes but it is unfair to your most hardcore players that will usually select the hardest class and hard for enemies. 

Nullify takes 20% of my life, so every time I use it is a risk - against cities I have a 25% chance to cast it for nothing.

If you think that that the cities will be to week in this situation please remove the Buttress Wall from their item list. 


  • DarkShadowJ
    DarkShadowJ Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    that does sound like an issue but i don't think removing the buttress wall from the citadel equip pool would be a viable option, theres a bunch of those that boost hp, including something that adds a massive 200 hp for some of the harder ones since all the citadels fought in the story mode have fixed equipment removing one wall while keeping all the others doesn't sound right.

    though i agree, spending 25% hp to remove a piece of gear and it not removing the HP and such definitely is a bug
  • ncv
    ncv Posts: 7 Just Dropped In
    Oh... I wasn't saying remove the items and the HP - if the team thinks that the spell is too powerful in these situations, please move the HP in the enemy's pool and remove the items so that Nullify will actually do something when the random algorithm decides to destroy these type of items.  (I hope I make sense.)

    Thank you!