*****M.O.D.O.K. (Super-Villain)*****

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MODOK is a limited 5*. At his release, Devil Dino, Howard and Taskmaster would all become feeders. Difficult to collect and champ, he would be a prestige character for veterans, not top-tier but pretty damn usable and fun. His red active is intentionally weak, his black is a little expensive, but generally his powers would be pretty great against the uber 4-star meta and Gritty. He would team well with many of the game's underrepresented villains. 

His blue can target both friendly and enemy tiles, meaning you could boost an enemy tile then immediately steal it next turn.

5-Star Rarity (Epic)
bluetilepng  blacktilepng

(Abilities listed at level 450)
62,083 Health
bluetilepng 720 |  642 | blacktilepng 564 |  330 | greentilepng 87 | yellowtilepng 79 | purpletilepng 71 |  3.75x

Forceful Intellect - 10  AP
M.O.D.O.K. lashes out with a powerful psychic attack, dealing 4139 damage to the target.
(Passive) Thanks to his hyper-evolved brain, M.O.D.O.K. is always one step ahead of his opponents. Before M.O.D.O.K. is stunned, deal 4139 damage to the weakest enemy.

  • Level 2: Damage from both abilities increases to 5137.
  • Level 3: Damage from both abilities increases to 5534.
  • Level 4: Damage from both abilities increases to 6232.
  • Level 5: Damage from both abilities increases to 7627.

Mental Organism - 6 bluetilepng AP
M.O.D.O.K. uses his supreme intellect to head off his enemies' schemes. Fortify 1 selected Strike, Attack or Protect tile and increase its strength by 220. M.O.D.O.K. is then stunned for 1 turn. 
(Passive) At the start of the turn, if the enemy team's Strike, Attack and Protect tiles' total Strength is higher than yours, steal one Strike, Attack or Protect tile. 

  • Level 2: ...increase its strength by 770
  • Level 3: ...increase its strength by 1130
  • Level 4: ...increase its strength by 1390
  • Level 5: ...increase its strength by 2200

Designed Only For Killing -  14 blacktilepng AP
The battlefield erupts into chaos as M.O.D.O.K charges headlong into battle with an army of robotic drones. Drains all Yellow AP from both teams and creates 1 Attack tile of Strength 230 per AP drained; then, stuns all characters for 1 turn.
(PASSIVE) At the start of the turn, if more than 6 Attack tiles exist, destroy 3 of them, dealing damage and gaining AP.

  • Level 2: Attack tile Strength increases to 255
  • Level 3: Attack tile Strength increases to 280
  • Level 4: Attack tile Strength increases to 330, and stuns all characters for 2 turns.
  • Level 5: Attack tile Strength increases to 380


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    I'm a long time asking for this character. Hopefully they will add it instead of repeated characters.