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I can’t play below rank 7 and in every pvp event I have to go against people who have all champed 5 stars and I don’t even have 5 stars with 3 covers yet.... there is a 0% chance of me being able to win and these people win the event easily.  This game has the pvp system I have ever seen.  How is it fair to play an event with 0% chance of winning?


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    The PvP Shield Clearance Level you play in has absolutely no effect on who you can fight against.

    Only who you rank alongside for placement. What you are complaining about is your MMR and without more details of your roster the Community wont really be able to assist you. If you have a Gamependium roster page then post that and somebody can probably take a look and assist in suggesting why you might be having issues (these are normally caused by low cover over levelled 5* characters but this isn’t 100% the reason for all players)– you might also benefit more from this thread being in the Roster Help section – one of the helpful Mods could probably assist you with that – I believe fight4thedream is currently on duty.

    MMR is complicated and not fully disclosed to the player base but there are some general things that have been picked up on over the years.

    MMR is not a fixed level but is a range of levels that the AI attempts to use to find you opponents. This includes the average level of your highest characters (could be top 3 or as many as top 5, nobody really knows for sure).

    When you play matters as much as who you have in your roster. MMR can only find you targets from players who are available. You may need to investigate playing at different times or trying different slices (start and end times) to find more targets.

    One of the biggest rookie mistakes is levelling low cover 5* up as high as you can when you only have a limited amount of covers and you don’t have a deep champed 4* roster. Why does this matter? Consider the following – a max level 3* who is un-boosted can only reach level 266, however a one level 5* can be levelled immediately to 270. As far as the game is concerned in terms of player strength, your roster having 3 or more of these 5* levelled to 270 above means you must be a champion 4* player who has 5* MMR even though the likelihood is that in fact you might be in the 3-4* phase of the game with few or limited champed 4*. Unfortunately, the AI only seems to search based upon reasonably limited parameters and doesn’t look too deeply into your roster – you have effectively tricked it if you level 5* but of course the joke is on you. If you are a 3* player then you should be wary about levelling any 5* characters as this is always the result. If you are a 4* player then you will be able to fix this with time but right now without more 4* champs you will be stuck in a rut.

    Of course, the above is my assumption on what has happened – it might be you have a completely different issue but experience suggests the above is the most likely cause of these issues for you.