bugs/issues i encountered through playing

I recently came off a playthrough of the game and I did notice a couple oddities during it

first of these of all being the runekeeper fights, the runekeepers tome is in the helmet slot instead of in the weapon slot for these, which might be an intentional design change but really makes no sense.

as a side note there is an additional effect of these that after beating the runekeepers normal versions of the enemy the runekeeper is based off seem to retain the runekeepers tome or key or in some cases, both, this can be fixed by rebooting the game.

last thing i noticed was the final boss of the game, his 4 spells which remove orbs of a respective colour seem to generate wildcards and extra turns as if the game is checking his masteries where any other ability that removed gems off the board doesn't seem to do this.

there are the other issues like the stuttering/game hanging on occasion and crashing, though the game seemed to crash after multiple fights on long sessions


  • Nina
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    Just noticed the Runekeepers one, Dark! Facing an encounter with an ogre after claiming a nearby rune and I go "Why does he have the Runekeepers set?"