DEVS: Give Us All Event Charges Up Front & Match/Glitch Recovery

I've played the game for 2+ years and normally don't post much as I want to keep the game positive.  I'm co-captain of a top 25 team on TP9 (part of @bken1234 Bianca's Army at Hogwarts).  I'm a VIP and before that spent my fair share on the game as I wanted to see improvements to a game I continue to enjoy.

@Brigby congrats on the new role. Please pass on to the devs consider these two fundamental changes that would drastically improve player enjoyment of MTGPQ:

All Event Charges Up Front
1) When a timed event starts, give us all the charges. Let players take whatever part of a weekend or evening they have to complete what they can on an event (especially team coalition events).  That way if you want to run something like Elderspark halfway into Monday when many of my players are working OR end an event that just received fresh charges at 2am (and we have players all over the world so that happens plenty) my players can play all event charges when they are able to sit down for the grind fest.

Match/Glitch Recovery
2) The glitches and bugs through the years have made it difficult to keep players and with every new event comes a new round of game-breaking issues (I just expect it now). PLEASE innovate a "restore" feature when the game crashes with "resume game" so that players can pick up where they left off (you have a battle log to restore the current state of game).  If that's not possible, 4 out of 5 times I can access the menu on a game that has glitched so a button there "reset match" to reset current game would solve most issues with glitches in progress.  

I appreciate having @Brigby helping with QA gives me more confidence in future rollouts.  The above two dev suggestions would significantly improve my enjoyment of the game, lower my player's frustrations, and would certainly lead to higher player retention (which is good for the game and for the bottom line that helps sustain future development).

Thank you,
Team: DimMak
(Andy in Alaska)