Awakened Inferno

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"Join forces with Chandra Nalaar, the fiery-tempered pyromancer that fights with passion and flames for the freedom of the multiverse. 

All nodes have their own charges, and can be played with only a single Planeswalker. Once you enter a node with a Planeswalker, they will be locked on it until the event ends.

Special Rules:
Each node has a special rule support, that represents your alliance with Chandra in a different moment of her life.
Event Type: Multiplayer
Deck Restrictions: Standard
Special Rules - Available for both players.
# of Nodes: 3
Initial Charges per Node: 1
Max Charges per Node: 6
Node Recharge Time: 8 Hours

Node Details

  • Top Node
    • Special Node Support: Awakened Inferno
      • At the end of your turn, this support deals X damage to your opponent's Planeswalker, where X is the number of this support's reinforcements. Then, reinforce this support. 
      • Whenever you cast a spell, reinforce this support. Then, deal 2 damage to each opposing non-Elemental creature.
    • Secondary Objectives
      • Loyalty: Activate a Planeswalker ability 3 or more times during a fight.
      • Deck Challenge: Win with a Beginner, Expert or Master deck.
    • Left Node
      • Special Node Support: Acolyte of Flame
        • Whenever you cast a spell, if you control 2 or less creatures, create 2 Fleeting Elemental Tokens. 
        • At the end of your turn, gain 1 Loyalty and return the first spell that costs 9 or less from your graveyard to your hand. It gains half of its mana.
      • Secondary Objectives
        • Spell Caster: Cast 5 or more spells during a single fight.
        • Weakstone: Cast 4 or more creatures with power 3 or less.
    • Right Node
      • Special Node Support: Novice Pyromancer
        • While this support is on the board, your Elementals get +2/+0 and gain Haste. 
        • Whenever you match 4 or more Red gems, deal 2 damage to your opponent's Planeswalker and gain 3 mana.
      • Secondary Objectives
        • Striker: Deal 15 or more damage during a single turn.
        • Nalaar: Summon 6 or more Creatures with any of these subtypes: Elemental, Monk, Thopter, Wizard

    Reward Details

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