Ya’ll suck at this: timing

purplemurpurplemur Posts: 376 Mover and Shaker
The Devil Dino costume bundle came out the day after the PvP event ended. Literally the ONLY time of year players use him and you couldn’t get your tinykitty together enough to release the bundle before the event. This would have driven sales and given the players enjoyment seeing the costume. It really felt like a deliberate tinykitty you to the players. 
What is the rationale for that timing?

4*Human torch being reqd for shield training. 
You have lied to us again! Supposedly they are to be featured so much before being required and that simply hasn’t happened. He was under “new” status until the anniversary started. With SHIELD training the stated idea was to give VETS something, not whomever has placed T5 during release. You keep featuring the very newest; why? What is the rationale?
-also why in the 7 hells did you give YELLOW again!!!!! Total tinykitty move. Just being mean.

There is a September sneak peak thread sitting there untouched since the 27th- 20 days ago! What have you been doing!?!

Ya’ll suck at timing.


  • SabintribalSabintribal Posts: 13 Just Dropped In
    The Devil Dinosaur part notwithstanding, because I don't care.  I'm kind of sick of the Shield Training **** too.  Requiring (and not offering in the hero point bundle) one of the newest 4stars which was only offered once DURING NEW CHARACTER event is really stupid.  People complained at one point, and it stopped, and then in the last 3 or 4 months it started again.  There are *plenty* of 4 stars to require, yet it's the newest that can't even get enough in time.  of course the other way to solve it is to not require 10 friggin covers.  Just make it need 1 cover like "required" events and let people deal with it and fight around it, like in required events.  This isn't the last straw for me, but I'm at the end of my rope and I'm about to run out of it.
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