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Looking for an active alliance. My level is 127 and my roster contains all characters with some 5* champs and multiple 4* champs. I play daily, i'm very competive in ally events but i play sporadically to pve and pvp. My in-game name is Kingsizex and I'm currently in Les frisés alliance if you want to see specifics on my roster. Some active members in my alliance search a other alliance because the majority of our alliance members aren't active players.


  • fitfestusfitfestus Posts: 11 Just Dropped In
    I found your alliance, but you were already gone. 
    That alliance has a few strong people that could benefit from a stronger alliance. 

    We need strong PVE players and we are short 3.
    So if you are still looking or can put me in contact with one of their commanders, that would be great. 

    Check out 40Below. 
    We are heavy on PVE. 
    We are top 100 PVE 

    Most of our members have ALL (but the newest) 4* champed

    We don't care about pvp, it is play at your leisure. 
    We finish alliance pve by Sat noon. 
    Sinister Six we usually finish in about 24 hours. 
    Shoot me a msg if you have questions 

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