CL10 / new story mode suggestion: Disable 1 Power Color each season

ErikPeterErikPeter Posts: 717 Critical Contributor
Much of the joy in MPQ is getting the best characters and exploiting them. But as more of the player base reaches roster completion, the combinations we see and use can get a little stale.

Powering up characters offers some chance for variety, but if you're in a transition tier, e.g. 360-450, or champ 455+, you probably use the same characters whether or not they're powered up. Lower tiers get more use out of powered up characters, but may or may not have the required characters at a useable level where the power-up is enough to make them better than their A-team. 

The endgame becomes especially static. As a 6-year, hard-casual player, I now have 5 5-stars with 12 covers/level 430, and haven't chosen to champ any yet. I have a good understanding about the later game thanks to my friend therightwaye, a top 10 alliance player/commander who recently retired after champing all the 5s. (Due to matchmaking oddities, I wish I'd hung back at 420, but that's a story for a different thread.) I'm in a casual alliance (though we did get to round 8 Galactus), I don't play hard enough to champ the latest 4s, but I run into them all the time in PvP which degenerates quickly, sapping the fun from that aspect of the game.

All of this is a preface for my suggestion. Introduce a new game mode, or preferably just a permanent feature of CL10, that disables one power color for the entire season. 
  • 50% of all characters lose one power. Will you use other characters or just make do without that one piece of your roster?
  • Certain degenerate combos are somewhat relieved. E.g., Gritty goes away for 2 months out of the year. 
  • Certain characters are still very useable, just change in effectiveness; Players won't need to complain about OP characters because half the time they'll be missing one of their keystones. 
Again it's only CL10 so the majority of the playerbase is unaffected and doesn't get put off by it. They can play CL9 for similar rewards if they don't like messing with their team composition. Or if branding CL10 as this different territory is too much, just make it a feature of the revamped "Heroic" missions, with new enemy compositions and challenges. 

I offer my services as an unpaid intern to implement this feature.

  • Additionally, you could tackle roster dilution at the same by tying the chosen color into an alternate Classic Legends store that only sells covers of one specific color.  Players who want the new hotness can slightly increase their chances of getting that character by waiting until the desired color comes around; or if they are sitting at 2/5/5 of a given 4 or 5-star hero can favorite them and hope for a lucky bonus pull. 
I hope you like my idea. I can't wait to hear what other players have to say about it.

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