4* Juggernaut Unstoppable power- Bug with Interaction?

Juggernaut's 4* Red reads:

(Passive) One does not simply stop the Juggernaut. Juggernaut's base match damage is increased by X% and he takes X% less damage from enemy matches

Is for example, Kitty's explosion from her Circuit Breaker supposed to be considered a match? The power states that if there's no special tile to be found, it destroys itself, and does (in my case, 13,286) damage. When I used it in a recent PVP vs Juggernaut, it only did 2K damage. (And I do know that it doesn't extend to other powers, as I was able to do 15K damage to down Juggernaut and down R&G with 25K with Hela's Green right after that).

If it does, then perhaps a better wording for Juggernaut's red is "from Enemy Tiles" or "From Enemy tile destruction"


  • ThaRoadWarrior
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    It's probably the same underlying bit of code on Circuit Breaker that prevents it from benefiting from Wakanda Forever!

    While they're fixing the wording on Juggern4ut's power descriptions, they should update Collateral to something that will make it clear why THAT doesn't benefit from Wakanda Forever! even though it behaves identically to the user like 2* Widow's passive tile match bonus damage (match damage resolves, then a second packet of damage is done) that does get the benefit.