*noobie* Chandra custom deck

gOnZoXpRiMe Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
I'm new to this game but not new to MTG. Thought I would get thoughts on this deck for any improvements. This deck has been crushing with multible strategies and it just pounds. I do know that other PW can smack it. Just wanted thoughts on the deck itself or maybe how to improve on it. This deck maybe a know thing. I dont know based on the cards I have and what I came up with this deck rocks. Ideas? Thoughts? Keep in mind I am new to MTGPQ

Razia,boro archangel
Rakdos, the showstopper
Dragons hoard
Volcanic dragon
Warcry Phoenix
Dragonic disciple
Bond of passion
Infectious blood
Sarkhans catharsis
I tried to link image now sure if I did it right. 


  • Mburn7
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    Its more creatures than I would usually run, but that's more of a stylistic choice than a set rule.

    Origins Chandra does really well with Activate Gems, since her first and third abilities can destroy and trigger them.
    If you have more supports or creatures with useful activate gems I would run them instead of the Disciple and Phoenix at least.
  • Azerack
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    I recently started playing MTG: Arena having not played the card game in ages and after having played MTG:PQ for the last 3-4(?) years now.

    The one big difference is that here you only have 10 cards whereas MTG you can have 60+ cards!

    Also, in MTG you can play as many creatures as you want. Here you can only fill your battlefield with 3, barring any "Leader" cards that would absorb tokens of the same name.

    @Mburn7  speaks true, so I wanted to add that if you remember that 10 cards eventually DOES show you a creature, you can go with maybe 4 monsters (if you have two that you can play switch-out with, based on their effects on the match) but the rest you can look at spells and supports and maybe give yourself some better coverage for support and creature removal or card drawing for yourself.

    I'm still getting used to adjusting my strategy for Arena but still having fun with it. Hopefully the same will be true for you and MTG:PQ. :)