Some PWs aren't very good, I want to sell them back

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Wouldn't it be cool, if even for 1/5 the buy price, we could sell back walkers we won't ever use again?

I have two, maybe three walkers I will never use again because they just don't have the synergies I thought they would. Maybe this has been suggested before, but I'd like to sell them back. For some amount of material related to booster crafting, gold, or even just leveling up other walkers I will use. I could trade my lvl 60 Saheeli for 15000 silver, 50 purps, or 75 gold...

If this has long since been shot down, please forgive my ignorance.


  • Azerack
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    If you don't have memories of past mistakes, how can you be wiser for the future? ;)
  • FindingHeart8
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    It does get somewhat tedious to dig through all my planeswalkers to find the right one, considering I only use like 5 different planeswalkers these days and I'm horrible at "I Spy"
  • GrizzoMtGPQ
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    We need a PW favorites button.
  • Mburn7
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    We need a PW favorites button.
  • greenmeanie
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    It would be nice to sell back some pws but every once in awhile they hold a event that has s specific pw in that node.  Let's just say you sold that pw back,  they don't have that one in the vault.  You would lose out on that node.  

    I like the idea of a favorite pw button.  Should hold up to 10 pws.  
  • Tremayne
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    I like the idea of a favorite pw button.  Should hold up to 10 pws.  
    I hear that the new “Sensei” VIP level will have that functionality for just a few quids. 😇😉🤪
  • KingGrace
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    I'm willing to lose a node for a single special event in order to bolster a walker I already have or pay towards a new walker. 

    starfall said:
    There is, periodically, talk of re-balancing some of the older PWS, but it hasn't happened yet.
    It's a lot of work to rebalance, and I think they all have their place. I'd be really sad if they changed one of the ones I do really like. I have only 18 walkers and would realistically only sell back three, maybe four of them. 

     Honestly, after I picked up Saheeli, I realized that set/block specific walkers are kinda trash. I've since picked up only walkers I can use in standard and legacy blocks. Not sure which to pick up next for M20, but I'm mostly looking forward to Eldraine next Summer.

    ... Apologies, I shouldn't be so hard on the devs, MtG is the most complicated game in history and they do work hard to keep up.
  • ArielSira
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    Saheeli is faaaar from being (one of) the worst walkers. In Legacy you got Flagship of course. Standard still has vehicles too (the discarding pirate ship is my fave) and she has solid mana. Her first ability is alright as well.