Don't ruin this, Wade, you've always wanted to say this... snuckt! Dammit! I mean, snickt!

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COT: X-Force Deadpool vs X-Force Wolverine

OK, so I admit it, with this being the first time my champed Deadpool had got to have his Crash I was expecting a cakewalk. A breeze. A Chimichanga loaded burrito. I expected to win with enough time for Deadpool to sing "I want to ride my Sky-Cycle, Sky-Cycle, Sky-Cycle! "

But Wolverine just wouldn't die. It was like he could heal himself or something. And then he kept skewering me! It reminded me of that time that that guy dressed as Deadpool said this:

"I'm so turned on right now... and seriously terrified of you"

I couldn't give up though, obviously! I just needed a bit of luck and also to maybe stop reading Deadpool quotes and concentrate on what I was doing...

"So! Logan -- Wolverine -- Weapon letter-x-or-is-it-number-ten?! You have returned to resume our endless battle!"

Slightly embrassed, Deadpool re-attached his head and strode out for the fourth time...and got skewered!

" Me? I'm Deadpool, "The Merc with a Mouth." Good shots and bad jokes--that's me. You're Wolverine, the berserker wildman of the woods. You're the best at what you do and what you do isn't pretty. Now, that means you kill people, right? Right? That's you. "

With this, Wolverine seemed he has already killed me 4 times! Using this to my advantage, I *finally* got to do some exploding, sensing his danger Wolverine reached for his stash of yellow AP but it was too late, a slash of red put him down for the count!

", a guys goes to a doctor and says -- "Doctor, it hurts when I do" -- "this!"

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