Black cat-support: New Family Heirloom

Sabaton74 Posts: 38 Just Dropped In
So the support card would be the massive gem shes holding on the comic cover, but it's just floating there, if you didn't know better it looks like the teamup power stone

Reappropriated Goods

Rank 1: enemy powers reduced (dodge the doge)
Rank 3: whenever your team matches  enemy special tiles heal team(master thief enjoys the job)
Rank 5: when the enemy fires power chance high to create shield in that color(master dodge)
Equip to black cat: match purr-fect plan trap tile deal xtra dmg and low chance to steal extra ap. 

Heal team support ::drool:: aim high I say ;) move to rank 2 if heal applies to supported character :o

Rank 3 was the reason I like this support, came up with the rest to fill this card.