since android 10, system buttons overlap with game buttons on google pixel

since i've updated to android 10, the system buttons overlap the game buttons... already contacted customer support, but wondering if anyone else is experiencing this, or if it's just a pixel-specific issue.


  • orbitalintorbitalint Posts: 511 Critical Contributor
    edited September 2019
    Yup, I can't sell all in the roster queue and I hit switch app when trying to speed past dialogue. I've tried gestures, two button and three button navigation but none of them are ideal. I need that back button when navigating the game. The one at the top is a total pain.

    All that said, I'm on a pixel (2) as well. It's just rolling out and pixels are some of the first to get it. 

    They made those buttons hide in one of the previous updates. Hoping they can just bump the display up instead of having it overlay.

    Update: figured out how to use gestures for back (hold on the right edge for a half second and flick left). Fixes the issue while they figure it out. 
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