Bug - "Advanced Combat" doesn't clear from active quests

There is a bug where the "Advanced Combat" quest doesn't disappear from your 4 active quests. This leaves you with only 3 active quests available. 

Class - Priest
Platform - Switch
Release - Initial launch


  • swampwater
    swampwater Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    I have the exact same issue.
  • Matthillica
    Matthillica Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
    I'm having this same issue as well. No idea where I can go to clear this.

    I'm playing on Switch as a Thief. 
  • Nina
    Nina Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    Similar kind of issue. War Council quest. Town you need to go to only has the name, only thing you can do is siege, that is all. Can't abandon the quest either.

    Console: Switch
    Class: wizzard (Fire bolt and all that jazz)
    Mount: Wolf
    Lvl: 20

  • DaMore
    DaMore Posts: 2 Just Dropped In
    Same Issue here. 

    Class: Priest (lvl15) 

    I hoped that a fight against an random knight could solve this problem but sadly this is not the case.

    Being limited to only 3 active quests is a huge restriction.

    Hope this is getting fixed soon.