Known Issue: Token Node Issue - Meet Rocket and Groot

IceIXIceIX ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 3,554 Site Admin

We're aware of an issue affecting the 5-Star Essential nodes in Meet Rocket & Groot that is making the nodes give the wrong tokens. Right now, they're handing out tokens for the Enemy of the State Vault when it should be for the Meet Rocket & Groot cover store.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to hot swap the tokens for this run of the event. Since that's the case, what we're planning on doing is leaving it as-is with the incorrect tokens, then once the event ends, we'll credit each user with the correct number of tokens they should have gained. So if you get 3 Enemy of the State tokens throughout the event, you'll get credited 3 Rocket & Groot tokens after the event ends on the 24th.

You don't have to worry about hoarding the Enemy of the State tokens to make sure you get the right number of R&G tokens, use them if you like. We'll still be able to see the total number of tokens you earned.

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