Gwen prix first lap (9/19)

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    I say first lap, in hopes that this event will stick around for the long haul. One node per day, two options every day... the choice is yours.

   The difficulty setting on this event was dare I say perfect. Lost two teams the first two days; it's enough to make you think about just who your up against. A lot of strategy is absorbed by power teams... finding the balance between speed and objective is half the journey, so having to pay attention made up for the single node per day. Short node stacks is a nice way to bring extra pve to the table. 

   The final rewards were worth the wait. Majick, and Riri. Majick fairly modern, riri still relevant. Nowhere else will you find a 4* for 5 nodes save ddq crash, and alliance events (if you do one node and sit around till your alliance clears the purps, or worse-doesnt clear the second 4* >:o ...)

   Chance to read all fanfic quips, took it; deadpool buddy, were all friends here, you're still my first red check of the day... 

   Been waiting and hoping for more solo pve style events ever since prologue became a redzone... 

   Lap one, why count what place you're at just yet? Theres still 4 more courses to go at least right? Ill have the house salad... Placed 51th btw

Cheers and happy swipes
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  • Farmerbink
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    I hope we see this event run again, also.  As posted elsewhere, we are now approaching 85 four-star characters (when Worthy hits packs).  The odds on making meaningful progress towards anything but an already well-developed 4* tier are....  not friendly.

    This event might go a long way towards keeping the game alive, purely for the "I'm making progress, still!" players, if nothing else.
  • Sabaton74
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    Agreed, been hard at it 3-8 hrs a day for a year and just champed first 3 4*... the learning curve is a tad obsene...  sorry babe my alliance needs me, and my rosters not in a position to take this 20 mins off :o  

    Blanket and pillows on the couch again... 

    Remember when trading card games were 3 usd for 13 cards... I'd buy a couple champs but, 20 usd for 3 covers... that's 80 bucks a champ... or 338 trading cards(6 decks). Ps that champ really isnt really competitive yet... 

    The system could use some tooling for new recruits s all... 

    Loved the prix tho ;)