Duplicate 3 Stars

cgrubb80 Posts: 109 Tile Toppler
I am at the point where I have 5 three stars built to 266 and two of these have 13 covers.  I was wondering what other players do with your duplicates. Do you cash in the 3* covers, keeps the 266 3* and rebuild them (using needed ISO), or sell the 266 and rebuild them?


  • TPF Alexis
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    It depends. The big factor is usually whether you're more focused on PvE or PvP. For PvE, it's usually not a big deal to sell the maxed one as soon as you're ready to champ the dupe*. In PvP, the difference between having a maxed champ and a baby champ of the Featured character is huge. If PvP is your thing, you def want to hang on to the maxed ones until your dupes are up to probably somewhere in the 250s or so, maybe even until they're fully maxed themselves.
    *There are a few exceptions, most notably Strange and Thanos, and the Lightning Round characters if you still rely on them for extra resources. It's also worth checking the Sneak Peek thread and seeing if they're going to be Featured in one of the next couple of events.
  • HoundofShadow
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    For me, It depends on two factors:

    1) how fast I can gain HP
    2) who needs iso-8 the most

    I gain about 1000 HP every three days, so I could dupe additional 3* without having to sell the champed ones.

    However, due to my lacking of iso-8 to champ duped 3*, I will most likely wait until they have reached 100 saved covers or I have excess iso-8 to champ them. 
  • DAZ0273
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    Every answer here is wrong. The only answer is: Do you have enough HP for Anniversary? If yes - roster and do as you please. If no - don't spend any HP!!!!!
  • cgrubb80
    cgrubb80 Posts: 109 Tile Toppler
    I play PVE.  I have over 15,555 HP for the anniversary event.  I was thinking more in terms of farming the resources on the 3 stars.
  • sambrookjm
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    If you're at the point where HP and ISO aren't an issue for leveling up your other characters, then by all means keep your max champed ones while you're building up the others.

    If you need the ISO to build up your other characters, but you've got plenty of HP, then roster them, but don't level them up just yet.

    If you're short on ISO and HP, then just level up your higher tiered characters.