Suggestion/Thought: Daily Quests

James13 Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
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During some random musing while unable to play during my train commute, it occurred to me that I would like to see the app take a page from Arena and other CCGs in the form of cumulative daily quests or objectives.

As in one could earn some small rewards ALA Training Grounds by completing some specific semi-random tasks over a in-game day or week or whatever.

"Cast X Black Cards", "Summon Y tokens", "Cast Z common rarity cards" or such.  Not in any one match, specifically, but tracked over the course of multiple matches anywhere during the period.  It's a pretty effective engagement tool in other similar apps/games.

Functionally, this is similar tracking to event ribbons so it should be somewhat manageable to do.  Just a thought I wanted to toss out there.