Health point settlement abnormality in nodes of power

I won the game with 50 points in the black node. It is reasonable to say that I should reach the second goal, but after the settlement, I increased my life points to 74, which made me unable to meet the target. Please correct this problem.


  • ElfNeedsFood
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    Did you have lifelink in your deck?  If you heal past 100% during the match, it will add the life back prior to calculating the objective.  It's been a known issue for a couple of years now, I think they might have fixed it at one point and then unfixed it again.  In any case, the lesson I've learned (the hard way) is no lifelink in "Win with less than X life" nodes...
  • McLaren720S
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    My deck has no life-linked cards, except Azor will give you 8 points of life if the white gem is enough
  • ElfNeedsFood
    ElfNeedsFood Posts: 944 Critical Contributor
    Well, if you triggered that three times with full life, it would explain the 24 point jump.  It's a bug, they should fix it, we've known about it for years though...